Friday, October 3, 2014


I AM a Pinkaholic. I love pink.  I love everything about it.  I love dressing in it, I love looking at it, and I love incorporating it into my life however I can.  It's almost an obsession.

So when I saw the Pinkaholic Memebox, I knew I HAD to have it. It arrived today and I am not disappointed!

The box contained 6 full sized items and descriptions of how to use each of them

I was a little skeptical about the lip crayon at first, since it seemed like it might be a little too much of a pastel pink for me.  I'm really pale so some pinks wash me out.

Once I swatched it, though, I was actually really pleased with the vibrancy and pigmentation! I will definitely be adding to to my collection!

I was also skeptical about the eye shadow crayon.  I'd never heard of one before and a lot of pink eye shadows just don't work for me.

Again, swatching won me over and it's another one I'll be keeping.  It went on really smoothly and gave a nice, subtle shimmer.

The cleansing water seems to basically be makeup remover.  I suspect it's not really pink and the bottle only makes it look that way, but I won't tell.  I was actually surprised by the fill line on the bottle- I feel like the things I buy in America are filled much more to the top.

Either way, this is another thing Ill be keeping to use or at least try... a girl can never have too much makeup remover.

This is the item I'm most excited to try!It's supposed to reduce wrinkles and give you younger skin.  You are supposed to rub it in "until the capsules from teh cream pop and absorb completely into the skin."

This might be silly but what really made me most excited about this is just how it looks... it is like a pink glitter explosion for your face!

The glow! glow! balm is not exactly what I was expecting.   They say it can act as a moisturizer, a lip balm, a hand cream, or a highlighter.

It really looks like a giant pink lip balm.  I'm not sure if I'll be keeping this one or not... it's a bit strange for me.

Finally, there is the Aurora liquid highlighter.  I've never used highlighter before and am a little skeptical about whether it will work for me, but I'm going to keep it and give it a shot.

It does give off a nice, pleasant glow but it's not subtle at all... I feel it looks more like an eye shadow too.  I put very very little on to get that result, so we'll see.

 Overall I'm extremely pleased with the items in this box and with the box's value!

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